Some would site the following device as an example of overengineering. It converts vinyl LP records into mp3s via an iPod.

However, those critics would be entirely wrong. Many of my generation only vaguely remember that electronic devices such as TVs and stereos used to be sold in very large and heavy wood furniture frames. They were meant to reflect affluence as much as fulfill their primary objective. I’m not one that pines for the old days of vinyl (I think digital music is just fine), but I’m tickled by the elabrate fussiness that transformed
the relatively disposable iPod back into an old-school furniture-appliance.

Despite my glee at this hack, my aging back does approve of the comparitive weightlessness of today’s devices. In the old days, you tended to plan your interior design around the TV and stereo because you sure as shootin’ weren’t moving them.

To the makers of this fanciful iPod mod: I salute you!

Update: For reasons unknown, my ruby iMac that I found in the trash is booting again! Happy days! Who said that ignoring a problem won’t make it go away? He or she (or maybe even it) was wrong!