I’ve reorganized the music section so that the songs are grouped into “albums.” I’ve added around a half dozen Mother Bodfish tracks and will add more over time. Even after almost fifteen years, those little bits of madness make me laugh out loud.

Also, it is my desire to produce at least one CD of my music. In the near future, I’d like to setup some kind of pay site for those who want to support my efforts directly. I’ve had a few thoughts on this. One model is to offer $25/year subscriptions that allow users access to a restricted directory with exclusive content. Another model is to offer all my songs for free, but put up a donation button. Juliana Hatfield experimented with this model, but stopped. She said that the program worked well, yet she’s also not doing it anymore. The last model is like iTunes, in which you pay $1 for each full song.

If you’re interested in supporting my musical activities, which model would you recommend? Please email me.

Update: I decided to accept donations for now. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t precude a premium content site later.