This week, I’ll be with group of Leostream folks in Las Vegas for VMWare World 2005. But right now, I’m sitting in Terminal C of Logan waiting for my delayed flight to board. A few notable things have already happened.

  • There’s a rather a lot of people on this flight. Sunday evening doesn’t strike me as prime travel time, but that just exposes my ignorance.
  • Bought a full pound of fudge. I’m a big fan of the stuff anyway, but this makes the trip feel even naughtier.
  • Saw a mouse scurring around the floor of my gate. He was small by Boston standards. He scampered up into the radiator that runs along the window.
  • Logan’s WiFi is a little flaky for $8.
  • The Sam Adam’s bar is woefully oversubscribed.

A slow start to what I hope to be an interesting trip.