I spent Halloween weekend recording tracks for the Anabolics at Nate’s house. Nate and I were engineering these sessions, not playing. We started tracking on Thursday and finished three songs by Sunday. There’s still a considerable amount of post production to do, including selecting MIDI patches and adding some final MIDI touches, but the band laid down solid performances for their material — material that’s so catchy, WHO will be looking into them soon.

Those unfamiliar with the process of recording should note that it is a most un-rock’n’roll-like activity. There is an incredible amount of down time for each musician while each part is tracked. There are few bands that can be recorded together live in the studio. Rather, a scratch track must first be record that will guide the performances of the rest of members. It’s much like building a house starting with the concrete foundation. If you mess up the foundation, the rest of the house will jeapordized.

On Sunday, we did some rough mixes for the band to listen to on their very long trip back to NYC (from New Hampshire). The mixes were never meant to be definitive, and there are several things that I’ve already heard that need to be changed. Viva le Rock!

Thanks to Nate and the Anabolics for a delightful weekend. I’m throwing the goat as hard as I can. I hope you can see that.