The BBC reports:

«An Iraqi human rights team has gone to the city of Falluja to investigate the use of white phosphorus as a weapon by US forces, a minister has told the BBC.

Acting Human Rights Minister Narmin Uthman said her staff would examine the possible effects on civilians.

The US has now admitted using white phosphorus as a weapon in Falluja last year, after earlier denying it.»

Wait a minute. Didn’t this whole thing start with US investigating Iraq for WMD? Was a Iraq some kind of BYOWMD party after all? I’m lost in the levels of irony in this administration. We can now call our Secretary of Defence Chemical Donny. Although I think Torture Muffin will appeal more to the ladies.

Worst. Presidency. Evah.

UPDATE: While searching for “bush finger”, I found at least three distinct instances of W flipping the bird. Now that’s klass.