I’ve been working on building a new game since before last Christmas. I’m not ready to announce it yet, but I think it will be simpler to learn (and build) than State Secrets proved to be. As a warm-up to the real thing, I wanted to acquire the Flash skills that I think I’ll need for game, which I think will have a flash interface that connects to a PHP script (a la, Funeral Quest.

Surprisingly, I think that in just a few days of watching online tutorials about Flash and some reading of the docs, that I’ve got the core skills that I need. Flash is a weird environment to work in, but I appreciate that Macromedia has hidden away threads and forking from me. In any case, I have created this very easy-to-defeat Tic Tac Toe game in flash. The client doesn’t store any game state information, but uses the super-weird LoadVars class to make RPC calls to a PHP script which plays like a drunk co-ed. This is a technology exhibition rather than a very enjoyable toy. You may download the amateur-ish flash source code here. There are problems on the server-side that I don’t care to fix. Sessions aren’t properly implemented either. Good thing the price is right!

Those suffering from low self-esteem will appreciate the near-impossibility of losing this game.