At first, I thought the following article was a piece of right-wing propaganda about lefties not supporting the troops. And then I read more about the protesters. And then I laughed. It’s nice to see that conservatives are not a monolithic horde of dittoheads. There are some true freaks in the crowd too.

There’s hope for the Mushyheaded Middle yet.

From the Associated Press:

«FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. Wearing leather chaps and vests covered in military patches, a band of motorcyclists rolls from one soldier’s funeral to another in hopes their respectful cheers and revving engines will drown out the insults of protesters.

The motorcycle club members calling themselves Patriot Guard Riders are trying to shield mourners from cruel jeers by adherents of a tiny fundamentalist church who picket military funerals to reflect their belief that U.S. combat deaths are a sign God is punishing the United States for harboring homosexuals. Some protesters’ signs said, “Thank God for IEDs,” the improvised explosive devices, or homemade bombs, that kill many U.S. soldiers. »