Recently, I had to clear out an inbox with 7.5K messages in it. Two were real emails to me about some SOAP articles I had written. About 6 messages were either email digests I had signed up for or other legitimate notifications from services I specifically signed up for. The inbox had been collecting email since I last cleared it out in December, aught five.

I guess a 750-1 ratio of spam to legitimate email is good, right?

There were some interesting gems in the subject lines of some of the deleted spam. I’ll share these with you now.

  • Cormorant is Treachery of 9 (which is entirely true)
  • Fat boy please respond with info (let’s cut to the chase…)
  • What? Die?? (written by Sartre)
  • Do you remember that? Weather
    (everyone talks about it, but no one does anything about it)
  • Timely Narcotic Offer (too late for me)