I’m so jazzed about my new monitor!

It’s been a long time since I’ve raved about any computer equipment, mainly because I’ve been buying cheap crap from newegg.com. While that stuff is functional, it’s not going to challenge Apple for any design awards.

To deal with some increasingly painful back aches (that I believe are all posture related), I decided to invested in a quality LCD monitor for my bedroom/office. For those keeping track, this is my second LCD monitor for my bedroom. The original 14” model is still in use for my music workstation.

My first choice for a monitor was the unbelievably awesome Apple Cinema display. Starting at $800, these devices are a luxury item that will have to wait until I make my tech start-up millions. Instead, I spent less than half of that (thanks to the aforementioned newegg) on an HP 1955 19” LCD monitor.
At 24 pounds, it’s a solid piece of equipment that reminds me of HP’s glory days of manufacturing industrial-strength PC equipment.

Although I could have spent around $250 for a similar monitor, I wanted a display that would very likely work with a Mac Mini, which I think I will buy sometime this year. I can then get a KVM switch to go back and forth between the laptop and the Mac. I reasoned that Apple was more likely to support HP and some nutty Pacific Rim manufacturer. I’ll let you know if this gambit pays off.

In any case, spending dough on a monitor makes more sense to me that spending cash on a computer. My monitors typically outlast the hosts. Since monitors are a huge part of the computer experience, it seems reasonable to put some loot out for a good one.

As far as I can tell, there are no dead pixels on this screen and the picture is very sharp and bright. Because the screen sits at eye level, I won’t be hunched over looking, scanning for items on the desktop — like a God-damned monkey! I’ve got opposable thumbs and the will to use them!

I’ll run through the short list of problems. None of them are show-stoppers and a few of them actually help my back.

  1. Built-in USB hub in the monitor isn’t recognized by XP pro on my laptop
  2. The monitor runs at 1280x1024
  3. I have to used an external keyboard and mouse
  4. My desk has a lot more wires on it
  5. I had to remove my iMac from the desk

I think #1 could be solved if I worked the problem long enough. But I just plug my USB keyboard (that I retrieved from the trash!) and my optical mouse (which I paid for [bah!]) directly into the laptop. #2 and #3 actually forced me to create an ergonomically healthier workplace and that was the point of the excerise anyway. As for removing the iMac, that’s not going to affect my day-to-day productivity at all, since I rarely turn it on.

Really, my only complaint is about the wires on my desk. Which I admit is a pretty weak lament. So, it’s all very, very good for jjohn.

Capitalism! Whodda thunk it would work?