From the reaching-the-level-of-the-room dept. comes this blog explaining why the NSA’s prodigious and unwarranted wiretapping programm is both harmful to Americans and ineffective at stopping terrorism.

The explanation is mostly composed of common, one-syllable words.

«Q: What if the court takes too much time? We could die from bad-dark-man plots and bombs!!

A: The way the FISA court works, you don’t have to go see them that day. You can start the wire tap first, then go see the FISA court in three days.

Q: Hmmm, but what if the court wants too much proof, and the NSA does not get its wire tap? We could die from bad-dark-man plots and bombs!!

A: It is not hard to get a “yes” from the FISA court. It is, in fact, no sweat, child’s play, slight, smooth, a snap. It is the town bike of courts. It is the Paris Hilton of courts. Pet the dog, buy the third drink, and you are in. Through the end of the year 2004, the FISA court said “yes” to 18, 761 warrants. They said “no” to five. 5 is much, much, much less than 18,761.

Q: Hmmm. It is cinch to heed the law then, and still keep us safe. YAAYYY!»

I expect that this explanation will help even regular viewers of Fox News to understand the problem.

Ok, nap time everyone.