What I love most about New England is that each season is distinct form the others. It’s warm in the summers and cold the winters and gosh-darn it, I like it that way. However about this time of year, it’s starts getting muggy and hot. Since my apartment doesn’t have central air, I have to install a window air conditioner in my bed room. It’s not a powerful unit, so it needs to stay on for days at a time to maintain the pleasant atmosphere.

Air conditioning is a double-edged sword, since it means that I’m sort of trapped in my bedroom until the cool, Canadian air returns. I’ve dubbed this auxiliary redoubt the Battle Bridge, after Star Trek because I’m giant nerd and because things need to have names lest we all fall into chaos and perdition.

Today marks the first operating day of the Battle Bridge this year.
I’ll let you all know when the shuttle lands.

BTW, the graphic I snarfed above is from a very excellent resource of make-believe stuff called Ex Astris Scientia. Get your nerd on!