I acquired an old DL360 (PIII 1.4/1G RAM/36GB SCSI (2)) from eBay for relatively short money (under $650). I needed a machine to develop Leostream apps for ESX. I’ve installed 2.5.3 on it now. I’ll probably put ESX 3 on it when the final version is in my hot little hands.

When it’s on, it sounds like a small vaccuum cleaner. It’s my first dual-proc machine in chez Johnston. This machine replaces the ESX 2.1 “cluster” I had cobbled together with PIII 500 machines.

Since ESX 3 is supposed to support NASes, I hope that I can use the open source FreeNAS project for my common VMFS storage. Of course, having common storage suggest buying another DL360. That may or may not be needed. We’ll see.

In the meantime, new toys!