As some of you have seen, I’ve implemented a tagging system that links to Technorati . I did so after consultation with and guidance from Jason McIntosh.

I tagged some old blogs, and may have damaged those a bit. Please report broken pages to me when you notice them.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about tagging. It’s a form of bottom-up catagorization and makes the type-A personality in me whince. However, I’m not about to implement a top-down ontology for a frigging blog, so tags it is.

I’ve created a few backend administration pages to help me with these new features. Unfortunately, you can’t see them, because their password-protected. One of these pages is a web form that allows me to make new blogs. While I do really, really prefer emacs for composition, a web UI let’s me bang out these trivial updates more easily and from any networked computer.

Let me know what you think. If requested, I’ll make a page that allows you to browse entries by tag.

UPDATE: I tagged most of the old blog entries. I also created a new page called Tags (which can be found under Sections) that can be used to thread entries by tag. I stole, I mean, reused the CSS from to weight the tags by occurrences. I think that brings taskboy up to the cutting edge of 2003 blogging technology.