Infamous founder of and guitarist for Pink Floyd,

Roger “Syd”

Barrett has died at the age of 60.

Many will no doubt be surprised to learn he lived this

long. I’m a fan of Floyd’s early work with Syd, but I never followed

his solo career, which was a bit too nutty even for me.

Many will have heard about Syd’s penchant for psychedelic drugs, much

of which fueled his music and stage shows. One report had him mixing in

hallucinogenics with his hair gel so that as the stuff melted on stage, Syd

would get all tripped out.

Sadly, the potent combination of success, drugs and youth proved ruinous

in Barretts’s case. After being removed from Floyd, Syd lived the rest of his

days under supervision and reclusion.

Many rockers since than have aped much of Barretts insane style of fashion.

His tempestous hair and dark, haunted eyes are a mainstay of brooding rock to

this day.

So long, Syd. Thanks for music.