Once again, it’s Patriot Day. And like all holidays, this one has its own greeting cards. I confess, I haven’t gotten my girlfriend a Patriot Day present yet, but I do have my topiary Twin Towers white spurce decorated with fake-flaming tinsel and toy airplanes. How my little nieces and nephews love to see the mechanical fireman race towards the bottom of the tree while the media train circles the perimeter!

Must we celebrate all our colossal intelligent failures with named holidays and greeting cards? If so, I haven’t yet received my Pearl Harbor Day card, nor my August 24th White-House-Burned-by-the-British-in-1812 card either. Perhaps this is due to the high volume of Columbine/Waco/Murrah Building Day mail.

I’ll be in my bunker if you need me.

UPDATE: In less jaded rememberance, I give you Sally’s blog. Since she was in NYC during the attack, her thoughts are a bit more compelling on this topic than mine.