Howdy! Welcome to my Wiki here on Taskboy.

This system is built on top of the existing Taskboy blogging software to provide me a place to jot down ideas I need to keep in an organized fashion. What sort of things am I talking about?

  • Story ideas
  • Tech book ideas
  • other ideas

Because of the personal nature of these topics, I’m not allowing general write access to this thing. Nor am I tracking changes (since I won’t be getting into revert wars with myself).

What I do hope to borrow from other Wikis is the specialized syntax that will help produce automatic internal hyperlinks to tags. I’m thinking about using to do this syntax:




This syntax is similar to Wikipedia’s.

For instance, I could link to tag names like @@wiki:Maintenance@@ or quoted tags like @@”welcome”@@. Or, I could do something fancier like @@wiki:Maintenance |this link@@.

In the end, I think an article should get at least one distinguishing tag. I’m not sure about this though. It seems onorous.

Let’s see how this goes.

Of course, I’m not following the URL standard, but hey, I don’t care. :-)