I have posted the following to Craigslist:

«It’s your lucky day! I’m giving away an original Nintendo Entertainment System with three cartridges: Super Mario Bros. 3, Krusty’s Funhouse and The Mafat Conspiracy. Includes AC adapter and RF adapter for old sk00l TV fun.

The Catch? I don’t know that the console works anymore. I didn’t spend a lot of time debugging the problem. The carts probably are OK. I’m not interested in shipping this stuff (around 10 lbs.), but if you are serious about it, we’ll do some further negotiation. Otherwise, we can meet in a public place for a drop off.

So, if you need spare NES parts, dinner is prepared!»

If you are interested, email me directly.

UPDATE: The NES is taken. Sorry Horny 4 NES. Maybe next time.