In what is sure to become a fan-favorite blog game on taskboy, let me introduce: Collectible, Racist or Both. It’s the game where I post some bit of obscure art and you comment on whether what’s presented is collectible, racist or both. Ready? Let’s start!

The Black Americana selection of kitchen oddities for the modern home offered by Texas Belles is, in the only word that comes to mind, stunning. I have seen such knick-knacks before as a child while being dragged around to various antique stores by my mother in the Northeast. However, I’m gobsmacked to learn that such effigies of racist folklore are apparently still being produced.

It does occur to me that there is a weird way in which one could view this collection that’s not wholly offensive. I have read several Viking romances and in them, real nationalities are often portrayed as non-human. The Lapps are usually some hairy dwarfs and the Permians are all witches and wizards, it seems. I wouldn’t feel too bad about having a grotesque Lapplander dwarf statue on my lawn because the image is so ridiculous that it cannot be taken to refer to real human beings. In a similar way, the very outlandishness of the Black Americana stuff can only be taken to refer to antebellum mythology rather than current racial attitudes.

However, this admittedly fine distinction might not be entirely clear to the casually viewer of such trinkets and so I eschew them.

What do you think? (The correct answer will appear soon!)

(Originally found through Substitute’s blog)

UPDATE: The answer to this question is (highlight to read):

Since there really isn’t a market for this trash, Black Americana is merely racist.