Little time to chat, but here’s an update:

  • Just finished three weeks of federal jury duty last week. Now under the meaning of “don’t make a federal case of it.”
  • Sally has finished remodeling the kitchen with Ikea stuff. Looks fantastic. Note: my girlfriend can beat up your girlfriend.
  • Took Sally to see the Blue Man Group for her birthday. It’s still a great show!
  • Many things are going on professionally. Should be able to talk about them some day.
  • Getting more comfortable with Python. Bought the Python Phrasebook, which is a great idea for a book series. These books are somewhere between a reference guide and a cookbook.
  • Am reading Stephenson’s Diamond Age. I still don’t care for cyberpunk lit very much. It’s written for teenagers. Boo.
  • Have ordered Dawn of War: Dark Crusade because those Necrons look awesome.