Yes, complaining about the mediocrity of Star Trek is akin to warning about the fall of the Roman Empire, but still, something needs to be said about it.

All the Star Trek stuff written after 1984 varies between first- and third- rate fan fiction. I just finished watching the end of the movie “First Contact” (not to be confused with the TNG ep of the same name) and was awash with nausea. The movie was as edgy as a mid-season episode of Lassy or Touched by an Angel (a title that holds nigh-infinite promise for pornography).

Also note this gem of plot from Wikipedia:

In Pocket Books’ non-canon DS9 Relaunch novels, Ezri remains on Deep Space Nine but moves from counseling to command, receiving a promotion to lieutenant and becoming executive officer of the USS Defiant. Following a mission on the Trill homeworld, she and Bashir end their romance but decide to remain close friends.

Whah? People can break up and “remain close friends”? A councelor can be promoted to a commander? What the hell kind of outfit is the Federation running anyway? How did the Klingons fail to beat these chuckleheads anyway?

Let’s give Data emotions and promote Troy to Lord Governor Militant of Federation. Wait! Let’s give Beverley Crusher command of her own “medical” ship. She’s probably qualified, right?

Just awful. Jim Kirk, I’m glad you weren’t alive to see what became of your beloved Federation.

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