Funny thing, Atari Space Invaders. It’s mind-numbing in its simplicity and yet I love to play it for as long as I can. It’s perhaps the best realized game of the original batch of Atari 2600 titles. At some point I’d like to more formally contrast Atari’s invaders with the original arcade version (which the NES aped), but that’s a tomorrow project (for the gameshelf?).

Anyway, in a game without much point, a favorite meta-game is to see how many times you can “roll the score”. As you will remember, the score in the 2600 version of this game only goes to 9999. After that, the score is reset to 0000.

In my day, you had to make your own fun out of the video games that were available.

Anyway, tonight I managed to die just as I rolled the score. I’ve never ended a game with 0000 before. Where’s my gold-plated gladis of victory?