Today I am 36 years old. As has been my tradition, I jot down a few thoughts for the public and the future on passing these ordinary milestones of life.

To say that this year saw significant changes in my life is a gross understatement. Not only did I move out an apartment that I had occupied for 12 years, I moved in with the woman I was to marry. I wore a kilt for the first time this year. The company I work for, Leostream, moved to larger offices. I had my first vacation in Jamestown this summer.

Not all changes have been good though. I lost a cat, Tempest, and my mother, Pat Johnston, to cancer. A second cat (of the original three) also has cancer. There was a host of other deaths of important family and friends this year too. All of which has put me in a reflective mood.

As a remembrance of things gone by, I post this picture from 1953 of my mom with her siblings and who I suspect are her maternal grandparents. I was very close to not only my mom but her sister and brother. As of December 2, everyone in that picture has passed on.

The fifties where the formative decade for my parents (who weren’t hippies or beatniks at all). In many ways, they attempted to inculcate that same culture to my brothers and me. Most of those lessons could be boiled down to:

  • The Golden Rule
  • Don’t be burden on others
  • Mind your own damn business

More than ever, I feel the responsibility of being an adult more acutely than ever before. I’ve got more than my personal budget to deal with now.

I expect even more changes personally and professional next year.

Duty now for the future.