I’m waiting at SFO for my flight back to Boston. I’m about 6 hours early. Well, I wasn’t that early until my flight got delayed. Then I switched flights. bah.

As I’m on a business trip, I’d like to note how badly business folk get ripped off on trips. After health care, it’s America’s most important crisis.

Also note that I’m blogging this from my XO laptop. Apparently, it works with tmobile just fine. The keyboard is pretty unusable for any serious work.

Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Given the time on my hands, I started playing with this XO laptop. Amazingly, I was able to install the pptpclient from Fedora without too much trouble. That means, given a more solid net connection, I could use this laptop for business as a thin client! Wow.

I also installed Doom and SimCity. Where’s my O’Reilly interview?