As most nerds will have already heard, D&D godfather and Wisconsin native E. Gary Gygax has passed on.

By weird coincidence, I have been re-reading many of Gygax’s missives written for Dragon Magazine in the 80s and he would certainly qualify for the title of “Internet Crank” had the Internet been around in its current incarnation at the time.

Later, I’ll have to post a bit of his rant on why Tolkein’s LoTR has nothing to do with D&D. Gygax goes futher to claim that he couldn’t even make it through the series, although he did like The Hobbit.

His pendantry for both English grammar and medieval weaponry foreshadowed my own encounters with the IRC channel #perl very well.

Gygax was a man of strong opinions and modern nerd culture would be quite different with him.

Mr. Gygax, thanks for the rulesets.