Bloggers of liveJournal unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

Or something.

Personally, I think every blogger (including me) should take a break from clogging the Intertubes with chatter. The idea that blogging is anything but vanity is dishonest.

As for the reasons for the strike, they are misguided. The users of LJ feel some ownership of the system which they were never promised. If you want content freedom, rent your own server.

On that time off from LJ, consider making a sort of P2P community blogging systems that’s distributed and under no central control. I think the openID system is a start in that direction.

The problem is that bandwidth isn’t free. Nor are the servers that run the software nor the people that keep those machines running. The piper needs to be paid so that you can continue to broadcast your pirate signal. And the consumers of the system have no right to the resources other people have paid for. What, are we all Americans now?

As for my content on LJ, I’ve been on strike for quite some time.