The cost of the Iraq war in American servicemen lives has crossed the rubicon of 4000. This appalling number does not factor in Iraqi or American civilians.

This hideous war that began with fiction cannot be won, denied or escaped. It is a cancer that will consume our American society to the same degree as the Vietnam war, although it will take more time to do so.

America is in Iraq primarily because of our energy policy has failed to change since 1953. Our dependence on oil gives other nations the tools to harm us. Our failure to plan sustainable long-term economic strategies mean that we need a choke-hold on energy supplies to stop “old” Europe, Russia and China from getting too uppity with us.

There was a time when America was respected by the World as an example of hard work, innovation and decency. But that was a long, long time ago.

Although I warmly welcome a change in American leadership, I do not think anyone but the Iraqi people can extricate us from our national hubris.

See you again at 5000.