Although the XO laptop is constrained on memory (256M), it has a lot of hardware features.

I shoved a 2GB USB drive into the XO, along with an apple keyboard and an MS optical mouse. I wanted to record a video with the Record activity, but I was low on disk space. Most of the pre-installed “activities” save files in /home/olpc/.sugar/default/org.laptop.[ACTIVITY]. I simply repointed org.laptop.RecordActivity/instance to /media/KINGSTON.
That gave me room for videos. Unfortunately, the RecordActivity seems to allow only 45 seconds of video to be recorded. That’s not really true. It only offers you 45 seconds. Since most of the sugar UI is python, and the RecordActivity is python, I was able to add the following to /usr/share/activities/Record.activity/


That changed the UI to allow 10 minute recordings.

I’d like to hack the UI to tell me the filename of the recording. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Also, I’m using my emacs blogging tools from the XO to write and publish this. That means I had to shove Perl and GPG on here. It’s getting pretty crowded on the 1GB drive.

Another note to jjohn: since you can’t figure out how to import keys into gpg, just move the *gpg files in the blog project to where gpg expects them. Not you. No one cares where you think these files should go. This is the second blog post I’ve had to make to you about this. Perhaps you need to write an article about using GPG so that you don’t forget again? Still, GPG bets the hell out of X509 certificates. What a bureaucratic nightmare those are.