Even though I would prefer Mr. Obama, I’m reasonably sure now that John McCain will take the White House in November. And I don’t think the race will be close.

The Democrats are now polarized into two camps. One of those camps must loose in the candidate selection process. That loss will embitter the other camp, who will not vote on election day. Thus, the Republicans, who would not have had enough support to take the election, will find that their smaller base will be enough for victory.

I believe now that Ms. Clinton will get her party’s nod and will fail miserably in the general election. I think Mr. Obama would do only a little better.

The only way for the Dems to win in November, short of McCain eating a baby on live national TV, is for a Clinton/Obama ticket. This conclusion is glaringly obvious, but egos are likely to prevent it from happening.

Fortunately, there’s not a big policy difference between the Dems and the GOP in this election. However, there’s a lot of house-cleaning that needs to be done that the Dems could do easier than the GOP (who caused a great deal of chaos in DC from 2000-2008).