Sally and I watched a lot of the new Battlestar Galatica yesterday. We’re nearly through Season 3. While it’s an engaging story, I do find the plotting and character arcs somewhat arbitrary. It’s not a “hard scifi” epic I know, but still I don’t want to hear about networked computers and firewalls when I’m not working. Call them “analytic machines” and “logical ramparts” and I’ll be happy.

When there’s more time, perhaps I’ll write a more complete criticism of the show. There are things it does very well, but it still feels a little flat to me overall.

UPDATE: Just finished season 3. Very disappointed. The character arc of Baltar just isn’t believable, Apollo continues to careen wildly from one life decision to another without a lick of continuity, and the revelation of long-time characters being Cyclons was literally a random choice by the writers.

Here’s a little tip for R&D: If you’re going to write a series with continuity, you have to bloody plot out the series before you start. That makes it possible to plot the seasons and then the shows. If you write the shows “on demand,” you end of with confusing plot twists and inconsistencies that ruin the whole story.

What a bunch of hacks.