Here’s a great article on the law of unintended consequences regarding gay marriage. No matter where you stand on the issue, it’s worth reading.

What is the primary difficulty with any law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a women? Many people are not the gender they think they are.

Now, I’m not talking about RuPaul or Divine here. I’m talking about 1 in 1000 people who have never had questions about their gender identity and who appear to have the correct “hardware.” The problem is that genetics are not as clear-cut as many conservatives would wish them to be.

So what happens when a man and women get medically tested before marriage to ensure compliance with a mythical “marriage protection act”? Let’s say the tests show that the man has XX chromosomes. That is, he is genetically female. Should he be allowed to marry another female? Should he be allowed only to marry a real XY man? Why didn’t the Bible cover this edge case?

Personally, I don’t care who marries what (other than my wife, whose decision is already made), but there are those who fret about “defending the holiness of marriage.”

Of course, none of these brave cultural crusaders is proposing the elimination of such marriage destroying practices of divorce or annulment. That’s too wacky.

Rather than defining marriage by gender, I might suggest tests for ensuring that the couple are somewhat more bright than cud-chewing cattle. At least, they should be in order to get a “reproductive” license. Any couple that does not get such license will be promptly “fixed” at the tax payer’s expense. Surely, it’s far cheaper to address the problems of rampant stupidity as early as possible? I project fantastic savings to the public coffers in the areas of law enforcement, health care and, God willing, the electorate with only a mild controls on the gene pool.

I am available as a write-in candidate for any public office you care to nominate me for.

I confess, I’ve never really understood much of the social programs of conservatives, especially with issues like gay marriage and abortion. My own life is so full of stuff to do, I don’t have a lot of time to worry about what’s going on in my neighbor’s bedrooms. I have to wonder why gay marriage opponents seem to have so much time on their hands. Not enough bedroom time in their own home, I suppose.