I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

McCain’s concession speech was perhaps his finest hour. He showed the kind of real decency and true patriotism that have been sorely absent from the G.O.P. since 1994. Perhaps McCain’s best service to the country is in the Senate. I admire him for calling Bush on the insanity of legalized torture, even during a time of crisis. It’s easy to vomit forth a catalog of “values” when there’s no danger. It’s those who hold to their principals when their bacon is on the line that I listen to.

The Dems have taken the Senate and may yet control the House. This is a notice that even a blind elephant can see: the days of the neocon are over. Move to the center; ditch the lunatic evangelics; purge your party of corporate whores; accept the multicultural nature of today’s America and figure out how to become respected citizens of the world. These core values are what brought the US through WWII and the fifties. It will work again.

I wasn’t alive during the time of JFK, but I believe Obama’s got a similar charisma and intelligence. I fully expect him to stumble through the first year of his presidency. It’s damned tough job.

Finally, don’t expect Obama to deliver on the specifics of his campaign promises. He can’t. We’re looking at tax hikes and cuts in services to pay for many years of bipartisan myopia and grift.