Last Defense is a game that should be familiar to most of you. While playable, the game is about 80% done. It plays fine on my macbook (60 fps), but simply crawls on my windows box (14 fps). I’m not sure that the problem is. Use at your own risk.

I developed a framework around pygame to “rapidly” develop this game. While I didn’t spend a lot of time fooling with pygame, I did spend a ridiculous effort on the basic game logic. It’s amazing how complicated space invaders really is.

Graphics continue to elude me, so I borrow those from existing free projects. I have found a pretty decent pixel editor called Pixen for Mac OS X. Of course, that program does not magically imbue me with graphic talent.

The framework needs, er, work. It doesn’t not help me manage different game “scenes,” which is the metaphor I use to describe the various game screens. In the case of this game, I’d say there are perhaps 2 scenes.

Sigh. Programming is hard!