Goodbye, George.

You were our least legitimate, most willfully ignorant, most damaging president this country has had in the past century — quite an accomplishment.

You traded our liberties for security, our wealth for poverty, our International friends for foreign dictators. You broke the government agencies that worked and created new ones that didn’t. Time and again, you rewarded failure and punished competence. You called your foreign policies “wars”. Distrusting America justice, you built a dungeon in Cuba and authorized torture. You were overshadowed by your own Vice President, a grimacing, hateful psychopath your own party didn’t like very much.

It’s not all your fault. House Republicans took full advantage of your flaming ineptitude to further their own agendas. Luckily, your opposition was mostly supine during your tenure. But no one wanted to rescue you from you.

So, this day has been a long, long time in coming. You’re probably not a bad man, W. You were just not very good at your job. You were a disappointment to your supporters and a monster to your opponents.

Now please, get the hell off the People’s lawn.