The migration to the new theme here at the taskboy has gone well. Now it’s time to pay for all of this.

As of today, I’m putting some Google AdWords on this site. The positioning is relatively hidden, but I think anyone looking for ads can find them easily enough.

To improve google’s indexing of my site, I have created cached versions of all my blog entries (over 1200 pages!). The permalink format for the blog entries has changed a bit. I guess that makes the old links not very perma.

I will be adding more technical content here more regularly. I’ll try to crank out a solid article every week with daily updates of my technical shenanigans.

Perhaps I’ll even make some merch on Zazzle in the pursue of filthy Mammon.

If I feel the need for non-technical blogination, I’ll either update my Facebook profile (which I’m loathe to do) or finally use my LiveJournal account.