picture of me

As is my tradition, I post a sort of year-end evaluation of my life around my birthday. This year is no exception.

I was on a holiday sojourn in Brooklyn this year when I turned 38. By weird chance, I was but a few doors away from John Hodgman’s home. I did not see the nerd hero and fellow Massachusetts native in person, but I did detect his home’s WiFi network. How do I know this? Because his network is very clearly marked.

This year was a transition for me and I suppose many people. I lost my long-time job with Leostream, a company I helped launch. That was the first job from which I was ever let go. Technically, I was laid off. Had the economy been better, I don’t think there would have been a reduction in force. But, for every door that closes, a new one opens.

I have not been idle during this time. I have done some contracting and have attempted to launch my own software company. Although that failed, I did learn how to write a formal business plan. I have been revitalizing my technical skills, which had become narrowly focused during my Leostream years on virtualization. That lead to two restructures of the taskboy.com site and a few new public utilities. I have become interested in video production using python. And I have some ideas for next year that I’m very excited about.

Sally and I have essentially finished renovating the interior of our home. I adore where I live and whom I live with. I’m an extraordinarily lucky fellow. If I’ve had some setbacks, I am still very far ahead of the game. And the future is an unwritten book.