I am writing this post in a text editor on the iPad, as if I were a person free from RSI-induced back pain.

I spent a great deal of time with Jason McIntosh’s plerd blogging software. It is with this software I hope to restart blogging.

Plerd is fairly simple to install (if you’re a perl nerd) and configure. I hacked and continuing hacking the guts of the Plerd engine to produce the sort of HTML markup that validates and responds to mobile screens in the fashion I would like.

Some of the upgrades I introduced were bootstrap 4.1, Font Awesome 5 and the use of the Monserrat font from Google. I am further working on getting some level of support for blog post tagging, which has to work statically. Heck, maybe I’ll even style a tag cloud.

Need to understand how to upload pictures to plerd. If this isn’t yet supported, I will make plerd look at the source directory for and images folder or something.