Something happened on Twitter today. Rather, something happened to my relationship with Twitter today.

I am taking a break from the platform for a while.

This isn’t because I got into a fight with someone online or discovered some new terrible business practice of Twitter. This flight from social media is driven by two personal things.

The first is my own dissatisfaction at my constant use of Twitter. Twitter provides a quick diversion when I have less than five minutes to kill. I now realize that I need to embrace that boredom and find a more creative outlet for it. That outlet may even just be whining on this blog in 140 character chunks, but at least it will be something disconnected from a larger, dumber narrative that I do not control.

The other factor is that Twitter is not just depressing me or triggering outrage in me, it is now filling me with despair. Despair is a very potent poison that is best left unopened.

I hope my vacation will push me to work on Plerd stuff more and this blog. I have long been meaning to discourse on what I think modern web applications should look like from the server and client side. Plus, there are a million little tech factoids that I should have been recording here that are now lost to time.

Life is short and there are a lot of books I have not yet read.

UPDATE: Just a note, mostly for me. This post was composed on iOS with the Textastic editor. It features dropbox integretion, which is how Plerd gets articles to post. Textastic does not yet support spell checking, which is a feature I demonstrably need. I guess I can limp along with Google for a bit.