Going through my old blog posts from over ten years ago has been a humbling experience. A good deal of my writing style was cloying and needy. Joe Michael Straczinski has suggested that to be a good writer, you need to burn about 100,000 words writing poorly. I think Joe was a quick study.

Often, this blog attempted to provide insights into the tech industry. These attempts were meager and weak. At best, I only amplified common knowledge and at worst I put my ignorance on public display.

A significant chunk of the blog corpus reads like a kind of proto-Twitter. There is a lot of personal stuff that lacks context or perspective. It is tempting to attribute these shortcomings to the age of the writer, but there are many examples of great writers who manifested skill early in their careers.

These maudlin observations are an attempt at a ‘’kaizen’‘, which is a Japanese word meaning “improvement”. A kaizen event is a time dedicated away from normal activities to reflect on what went well and what could have been improved in you life and work.

The outcome of my personal kaizen for this blog is to produce work of higher quality that provides better insights into whatever subject moves me. A good deal of my headspace is in boardgame design, but I also want to share what I’ve learned about software engineering in the web application space over these past twenty years.

Here is the part of the post were I put a call to action like “subscribe to my atom feed” or “follow me on twitter!”. Instead, I will focus narrowly on my content and let the Deep Learning AI at search engines handle the marketing.