This post is more of some admin notes as I try to get a clean install of plerd from github.

First, you need a modern perl (I’m using perl 5.24 via plenv).

You should install Carton next. It will make everything easier.

  $ git clone
  $ cd plerd
  $ carton

Create a new file called Make it look like this:

  # source me: ./ 
  export PERL5LIB=$APP_HOME/local/lib/perl5
  export PATH="$APP_HOME/local/bin:$PATH"

Replace items within [] using appropriate values.
Save this file and then source it:

  $ source ./

Now you can run:

  $ perl Makefile.PL --PREFIX=./local
  $ make && make install

I think there is a way to force plerd into the local/lib/perl5 structure. For now, I just moved these manually.

  $ mv -v local/share/perl/5.24.1/*pm local/lib/perl5/
  $ mv -v local/share/perl/5.24.1/Plerd local/lib/perl5/

You will find plerdall and plerdwatcher in ./local/bin and both should be in your PATH.

Time to make the default plerd config:

  $ plerdall --init

Go ahead and edit that file in the proscribed way.

To run plerdall correctly, you will probably want to change into the newly created plerd directory. This will be inside the git sandbox but whatevs.

  $ cd plerd
  $ plerdall

Interestingly, the following files were empty:


Some of the tag/* files were also empty.

UPDATE: I believe my local disk was full when I tried this, so this is not a plerd problem.