Since I want to step back from Twitter for a while, I need a substitute. I have been thinking about expanding the concept of Now pages to be more like a personal timeline of my current thoughts. Sort of like:

  I am currently a fulltime employee of MathWorks and not looking for
  new opportunities.

  I am a tabletop game designer and music composer in my spare time.

  Here is the latest from the top of my mind:

  {latest post}

  Here's a link to older posts.

This would enrich the typical now page, but also give it a microblogging aspect, which should help get me off twitter, while controlling my own content.

Since I use (Plerd)[] as the blogging engine, I could implement this in a few ways, but I lean towards adding a new header in posts called “rubric”, which is really just a subdirectory under the publication_directory.

I then want Plerd to consider only non-rubric posts for the top-level recent posts and tags, while rubric subdirections should get a parallel web structure to the top level (e.g. recent posts, tags, etc).

Maybe rubrics just need archive pages and a recent post thingie? Maybe rubric tags are part of the top level tag set? I am thinking this through now.

Once again, I caught between doing my thing and building a framework.